Chances are this is your first time here, because today is the day that I launched my new website! I am so excited/happy/nervous/worried/ecstatic over the outcome. It’s been months and months in the making. I’m talkin I was a total shut in, just editing photos all day every day and I’m afraid the one person that truly felt the effects was Gavin. Poor kid was cooped up for so long 😦  You know you have a problem when you justify a walk around the block to Starbucks, as “getting out of the house” or “being productive.” It was all for a worthy cause though and today is supposed to be 74 and sunny, so my boy and I are gonna go out and enjoy it. ALL DAY.

So, to make myself look legit and seem as though I’m a somewhat established blogger, if you scroll down, you will see I have already written 2 other posts. I did that so you wouldn’t be bored with this boringest of posts. So, take a look see. Hope you enjoy and come back soon…like everyday! Happy Monday!