I think this might be a thing…maybe? maybe not. okay, probably. Every Friday, I will end my post with something fabulous. Today’s fabulouseness will consist of nothing other than…shoes!! What gal doesn’t like shoes? If she is out there, maybe I don’t wanna know. I send all of you my fabulous shoe wishes today…either you get a new pair, just because it’s Friday, rediscover an old favorite you haven’t worn in a long time, or, if you’re a bride, you find the perfect pair of splurge worthy, sky high, too magnificent to ever wear again heels for your even more magnificent wedding 🙂   As for me, I may end up finding my self in the shoe section at Nordstrom’s, or if I’m a good girl, just reorganize my closet and realize I don’t ever need to buy another pair again (ok, i know this part is a lie, but it helps to round out my post).  Whatever happens today, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Happy Friday!!!!