and this…..

and this….

This weekend was not exactly the fun-filled family weekend we had been planning. You see, we’ve been shut-ins for a good 2 months, working on the website and photos and emailing and blah blah blah. So, this was supposed to be our “we’re not deadbeat parents and totally take our son out to the aquarium and other fun stuff that parents take their toddlers to do” type of weekend. Such grand ideas we had, but alas, we made it to the park for about an hour on Saturday (which was really chilly) and to Starbucks on Sunday (raining). Totally NOT our fault BTW. If you don’t live here, then maybe you heard about the MONSOON??? Or something like it, at least. I honestly couldn’t tell you the difference had I been in a real one (which I never actually have). How about FLASH FLOOD WARNINGS!?! They came on TV along with that annoying “behhhh” sound during the middle of iCarly and it was downright scary! We were all ready for the aquarium too. Seriously, like I did my hair and makeup and put on boots, ready. Snacks and diapers were packed, the works. Then, we literally drove about 6 ft down our street, only to witness a huge palm tree branch slam down on some random car, all while dodging about 4 HUGE branches that had fallen only a few minutes before. So, we drove 3 blocks to Starbucks. That was it. Nothing special, nothing to even write about (but since nothing else happened, I wrote about it), and you know what, it was totally wonderful! I even snuck a really cute pic of baby and daddy passed out on the couch…which NEVER happens. So, I guess you could say it was actually quite a lovely weekend, filled with lovely moments. Hope you have a Happy Monday!