…by Jose Villas new book! Okay, so I mentioned before  that I may or may not stalk certain photographers (Jose, Elizabeth and Jasmine being the said possibly stalked photographers). Well, you can imagine my ecstatic-ness when I found out that Jose was coming out with a WHOLE book on Fine Art Wedding Photography! So, naturally, I immediately pre-ordered it and had it rushed shipped, so I didn’t have to wait a single day to enjoy it. All I can say is Wow! Amazing. This book is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and really, you just need it in your life. Jose divulges his technical and creative techniques for EVERY single image in the book! Ya, every pic! I, myself, read every word, front to back, in a matter of a few hrs (you can’t help but love the pain as you near the end. You don’t want it to be over, but refuse to put it down). There is not a day that goes by that I don’t skim through it to either gather information or get inspired by composition, styling, lighting etc…A true gem, this book is eloquently written, easy to read and beautiful to look at, making it, in my opinion, an essential addition to any photographers library of inspiration and knowledge.

Congratulations Jose!

p.s. you WILL want to shoot film when you’re done with this book, just sayin…