…of pretty for my new and IMPROVED blog!Image


  So, in case you didn’t notice, or maybe you’re new here and therefore couldn’t care less, I have gone ahead and revamped the blog a little bit. Aside from it’s new location (thank you WordPress, yes, I am just now hopping on that band wagon that took off years ago) I felt it was time for a change and stat. I hope you find this blog oh so easy to navigate and oh so easy on the eyes too. Also, I know this may be jumping the gun a bit and maybe I’m eating my words as I type (please don’t eat your words, Ann), but I am going to really make a concerted effort to ACTUALLY blog…like on a regular basis (regular basis in my world means like 3 times a week, tops). I’m also going to try out a little something I’ve been toying with for a while, okay, totally expected of me and not exactly ground breaking blogging, but I will be attempting to dish out perfume reviews once a week (for all you addicts out there, you’re safe here). Seriously though, I just got a little excited just thinking about it.

Perfume and Pictures? Welcome to the blog.

I figured what better way to kick off the new blog than with pretty pictures of the lovely Justine Lupe adorned in the most gorgeous vintage jewels by Frida and Marilyn? Ya, I’d be hard pressed to think of anything more lovely. Okay, maybe thrown in some vintage amber perfume and a veil or 2 and you’ve got yourself a deal!

All photos shot on Fuji 400H Pro and processed at RPL