…perfume and lingerie goes a long way in my book. Enter, Agent Provocateur. Your one-stop-shop to feeling oh so provocative and oh so French.


Do you ever just look at yourself in the mirror and say “I wish I was French”? Oh, you don’t? Well I do and if you secretly for reals do and just don’t wanna fess up to being awkward, then I can tell you the surest way to get there. Aside from eating a lot of artisan bread with aged cheddar (a habit I strongly advise against. Okay, I’m doing it right now…I’m ashamed) pay a little visit to my very favorite shoppe Agent Provocateur. The gorgeous lingerie and beautiful decor with the most incredible Vivienne Westwood wallpaper is enough to whisk you away for hours. But, I have to say it’s their signature scent, wafting about the air, that induces a dreamlike state that one should experience, frequently. Suddenly, you feel all your everyday undergarments are rags and splurging hundreds of dollars on a single bra seems to be the most logical purchase you’ll ever make.

Now, I understand that spending a weeks worth of groceries on a piece of pretty fabric (chantilly lace fabric!) may not be the most reasonable approach to begin your French journey (maybe save the splurge for your bday, when you really need it) but smelling like a French seductress might be. I wear this par fum AT LEAST 3 times a week and every time I spray it, I immediately feel a little more beautiful, a little more mysterious and of course, a little more French. Paired with my pretty piece o’ fabric (aka AP lingerie) and well, you can just slap me silly and call me Parisian. The  initial spray of Moroccan Rose and heady Egyptian Jasmine can be intense, but is quickly tamed by the anchoring and powdery aroma of the most wondrous Amber and oddly enough, Saffron. The dry down is what keeps me coming back to this beauty day in and day out.  Such a seductive and musky Amber, I can’t quite put my finger on it. All I know is that it belongs in a boudoir among vintage jewels, laced up corsets and very high heels…or on me, at the park, chasing down a 2 yr old…you know, whatever.