…is where the heart is.


One of my favorite places to visit is the zoo. I know this is because every time I go, I’m granted a little piece of tangible memory of my beautiful and most wonderful friend, my grandma. I was fortunate to grow up down the street from her and I could never describe how special our relationship really was. She made it her job, whether consciously or not, to ensure that I had a truly magical childhood. I can honestly say, with out a single doubt, she succeeded. I find myself recreating memories and wearing scents that remind me of her, just to bring her back to me, if even for a moment.


This photo (sorry for the iphone quality) is one of my most cherished, because it’s the only photo i currently have of me and my grandma and it’s of one of my favorite memories, one of many after school trips to the Hogle Zoo (I’m even wearing my uniform). I remember this particular day especially and I’m so happy I had the foresight back then to insist we do the photobooth together, the same one that we had passed a dozen times before. And somewhere in my heart of hearts, I’m sure this is the very reason I’m so drawn to photographs. She really was my home and I only wish I had more than this single photo to bring me back there.