…gems of Etsy.


Lavender and Violet Honey and Lavendera Somniferum Tea rock my world

I have a serious addiction to a little shop called Etsy. Oh, have you heard of it? Of course you have, cause it’s only the greatest online shop, possibly in the world. Ya that’s right. THE WORLD. I have discovered some of the most fabulous gems on this site and could literally waste (more like gladly spend) my life away scouring the endless possibilities, that is Etsy.

Everyone once in a while, I stumble onto a too good to keep to myself shop and decide it must be documented, mostly because it’s just so photogenic. I can’t help but pop in a roll and shoot away. Remember this shower and the fabulous favors?

Enter Pixxxie Pie and Posie. My gypsy dream shop. It’s really just pure magic. The name alone is enough to intrigue.The products are to die for and have a way of transporting me to my happy place…which is somewhere around the turn of the century, in a gilded wagon, streamers in my hair and a bag of fairy dust, sipping tea and laying under the dusky sky…probably basking in some sort of incense-y perfume. Always a perfume 😉 The packaging will have you questioning your creativity, make you feel ordinary and leave you wanting more. It’s just sooo beautiful and DETAILED.

So stop on by and browse this hidden gem. The teas and honeys are completely and utterly enchanted. You might even find yourself adding trinkets and creations into a cart you never knew you needed 😉

Shot on Fuji 400H Pro. Scanned and processed at RPL.