About Ann

I am a Los Angeles based fine art film photographer specializing in weddings, life, and all things lovely.

Now, for the deets… I am a mommy to a beautiful baby boy and a wife to a dashing husband. I am a closet perfume addict and if it weren’t for my husband, I would probably be driven to poverty by my addiction.

What I Love:

-my family -photography -film!! -perfume -animals -painting -art history (that was my major) -coffee & tea -tim tams (with tea) -perfume -cosmetics -weddings -photographing weddings -doing makeup -beauty products (im kind of a guru, so if you want my opinion on what my fave products are, just ask!) -icarly & victorious (this goes for the hubby too, we’re way pre-teen) -perfume -all things magical -Fearie Tale Theatre ( i know, nerd alert!) -roses & peonies -pink jasmine and gardenias -warm summer nights -Ashland -Los Angeles -perfume -France -Italy -Art Deco and Nouveau -self help books (hey, we can ALL use some improvement) -self tanner (hey, we can all use a little color AND practice safe sun!) -SPF -nail polish -perfume -pale pink, cream, warm grey, kelly green and peach -asiago bagels with sundried tomato cream cheese -RayBan Aviators -chiffon and lace -jewelry (ESPECIALLY rings) -vintage/antique anything -flea markets -movies -theme nights -and lastly, perfume.

Please visit my home page: Ann Molen Photography

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