…and wishing you a very Enchanting weekend.


A little sneaky peeky of a most beautiful and MAGICAL Palm Springs Hotel. Full post next week!


The Hidden

…gems of Etsy.


Lavender and Violet Honey and Lavendera Somniferum Tea rock my world

I have a serious addiction to a little shop called Etsy. Oh, have you heard of it? Of course you have, cause it’s only the greatest online shop, possibly in the world. Ya that’s right. THE WORLD. I have discovered some of the most fabulous gems on this site and could literally waste (more like gladly spend) my life away scouring the endless possibilities, that is Etsy.

Everyone once in a while, I stumble onto a too good to keep to myself shop and decide it must be documented, mostly because it’s just so photogenic. I can’t help but pop in a roll and shoot away. Remember this shower and the fabulous favors?

Enter Pixxxie Pie and Posie. My gypsy dream shop. It’s really just pure magic. The name alone is enough to intrigue.The products are to die for and have a way of transporting me to my happy place…which is somewhere around the turn of the century, in a gilded wagon, streamers in my hair and a bag of fairy dust, sipping tea and laying under the dusky sky…probably basking in some sort of incense-y perfume. Always a perfume ๐Ÿ˜‰ The packaging will have you questioning your creativity, make you feel ordinary and leave you wanting more. It’s just sooo beautiful and DETAILED.

So stop on by and browse this hidden gem. The teas and honeys are completely and utterly enchanted. You might even find yourself adding trinkets and creations into a cart you never knew you needed ๐Ÿ˜‰

Shot on Fuji 400H Pro. Scanned and processed at RPL.

This Weekend

…is going to be a busy, working one.


ย Even though I won’t be home much, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be thinking about our last one…and the sweet snuggles I got from my little guy.

Happy Weekend!

p.s. daddy took these and i think he did pretty great for his first time shooting film ๐Ÿ˜‰


…is where the heart is.


One of my favorite places to visit is the zoo. I know this is because every time I go, I’m granted a little piece of tangible memory of my beautiful and most wonderful friend, my grandma. I was fortunate to grow up down the street from her and I could never describe how special our relationship really was. She made it her job, whether consciously or not, to ensure that I had a truly magical childhood. I can honestly say, with out a single doubt, she succeeded. I find myself recreating memories and wearing scents that remind me of her, just to bring her back to me, if even for a moment.


This photo (sorry for the iphone quality) is one of my most cherished, because it’s the only photo i currently have of me and my grandma and it’s of one of my favorite memories, one of many after school trips to the Hogle Zoo (I’m even wearing my uniform). I remember this particular day especially and I’m so happy I had the foresight back then to insist we do the photobooth together, the same one that we had passed a dozen times before. And somewhere in my heart of hearts, I’m sure this is the very reason I’m so drawn to photographs. She really was my home and I only wish I had more than this single photo to bring me back there.

When The Sun Sets

…I begin to dream…of pink and orange and everything in between.


ย It’s a gloomy day here in la la land, but looking at these photos, taken on the warmest of evenings, is sort of just what I need right now. Colors are a funny thing, you know. They have the power to induce feelings and create perceptions. But nothing, NOTHING compares to the colors of those certain Southern California sunsets…that I find my self photographing every beautiful chance I get.

Wishing you lots of comfort and lots of sunsets on this cloudy day ๐Ÿ™‚

Shot on Fuji 400 H Pro, scanned and processed at RPL

A Little French

…perfume and lingerie goes a long way in my book. Enter, Agent Provocateur. Your one-stop-shop to feeling oh so provocative and oh so French.


Do you ever just look at yourself in the mirror and say “I wish I was French”? Oh, you don’t? Well I do and if you secretly for reals do and just don’t wanna fess up to being awkward, then I can tell you the surest way to get there. Aside from eating a lot of artisan bread with aged cheddar (a habit I strongly advise against. Okay, I’m doing it right now…I’m ashamed) pay a little visit to my very favorite shoppe Agent Provocateur. The gorgeous lingerie and beautiful decor with the most incredible Vivienne Westwood wallpaper is enough to whisk you away for hours. But, I have to say it’s their signature scent, wafting about the air, that induces a dreamlike state that one should experience, frequently. Suddenly, you feel all your everyday undergarments are rags and splurging hundreds of dollars on a single bra seems to be the most logical purchase you’ll ever make.

Now, I understand that spending a weeks worth of groceries on a piece of pretty fabric (chantilly lace fabric!) may not be the most reasonable approach to begin your French journey (maybe save the splurge for your bday, when you really need it) but smelling like a French seductress might be. I wear this par fum AT LEAST 3 times a week and every time I spray it, I immediately feel a little more beautiful, a little more mysterious and of course, a little more French. Paired with my pretty piece o’ fabric (aka AP lingerie) and well, you can just slap me silly and call me Parisian. Theย  initial spray of Moroccan Rose and heady Egyptian Jasmine can be intense, but is quickly tamed by the anchoring and powdery aroma of the most wondrous Amber and oddly enough, Saffron. The dry down is what keeps me coming back to this beauty day in and day out.ย  Such a seductive and musky Amber, I can’t quite put my finger on it. All I know is that it belongs in a boudoir among vintage jewels, laced up corsets and very high heels…or on me, at the park, chasing down a 2 yr old…you know, whatever.

This Little Guy

…has had a nasty bug for the last couple of days.


Poor little guy couldn’t keep anything down the other night and was so shaken by the whole situation, it absolutely broke our hearts. The good news is, we went to the doctors today and he is on the mend and should be right as rain by tomorrow. I’ve been spending the day cleaning up the after math of soiled laundry and havoc that tends to take over during times like this. Hopefully I’ll be back on the blog front by the a.m.!

Here’s to a peaceful and UN-soiled night ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bits and Pieces

…of our Easter in St.George.




We trekked our way down to St. George last weekend to celebrate my sweet father-in-laws 70th bday and got in some Easter fun while we were at it. The weather was amazing and we had such a good time with our family. Oh, and Gavin is entirely smitten with his cousins, especially the one in the top right pic that he’s holding hands with. Ya, they were like that the entire time. He has found himself a new and dare I say, better mommy?!

And here’s one last gem for you. Whats so special about this photo? It looks like the same one you already posted, you say? Look again. Yep, there’s my offspring ensuring I was able to capture a beautiful family photo to be treasured for years to come (insert sarcasm) ๐Ÿ˜‰


Photos shot on Fuji 400 H Pro. Scanned and Processed at RPL.