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…my absence for the past couple of months. Remember when I said I was revamping the website and blog…and then I didn’t? Welllll, literally right when I was getting started, I found out I was preggers with baby number 2! And then the “morning sickness” set in and I was serioulsy out for the count.

Well, now that I’m over half way through and feeling great again, I’m ready to get this tackled, before this little girl makes her debut!

On that note, this last Monday, I decided to take so some self portraits (self timer, baby), not only to document my pregnancy, but also to document my last day being 30! Well, my photo ended up being featured on Stone Cold Fox (here and here) and I am soooooo beyond honored. I absolutely adore this line (its by far my fave) and the gals behind it are just genius. JUST. GENIUS. They know women and what women want. Each piece is beautifully crafted, sexy, romantic and timeless. Investment pieces for sure.

The top I am wearing is the “Moroccan Holy Tube” and I can’t even tell you how flattering it is (even at 24 weeks pregnant!). So feminine and transitional, perfect for just about every occasion! So if you haven’t already, head over to Stone Cold Fox and check out their amazing line. You will be drooling for sure. Oh, and p.s. their sale section has some sweet deals, so don’t miss out, you’ll want these pieces for summer, promise…or if you live in LA, you’ll need them now 😉