….was the question our sweet hair dresser asked as she laid eyes on my beautiful/dorkified baby boy. “Uh, ya someone got into the scissors and his name is Daddy!” was my reply. We all had a good laugh of course, but I could see the shame written all over my Handsome’s face as we walked Gavin over to the styling chair. What the heck happened, is what you’re prolly wondering???? It went a lil something like this….Last night, I’m on the computer, being a photog fanatic, researching the crap out of lenses when I hear “Honey, I’m think I should cut Gavin’s hair, it’s getting in his eyes.” I reply, in a zombie, I’m glued to the computer and am pretending to acknowledge you tone “No,” and back to my business I went. Not 2 seconds later I hear an “Uh Oh,”  look over and see James holding a massive chunk of hair in his hands, looking at me like a little kid that got into something naughty, but trying to play it cool, like it’s no biggie. At this moment I become somewhat lightheaded, rush over to Gavin and discover this….

The name’s Christmas…Loyd Christmas. I got worms.

At this point, I feel like maybe it isn’t real and I’m hallucinating in my sleep and I’ll wake up riiiiiight…..now. So I take a seat and think about life for a moment, look over at Gavin and realize, No, you’re awake, so deal with your reality. I put my hands over my mouth and try not to laugh, which wasn’t hard since the moment I did, it quickly went from slightly humorous, to full blown balling! What did he do??!! I’ll tell you what he did. He destroyed my hopes and dreams of forcing Gavin to stay a baby, is what he did! I’m not gonna lie, I had been putting off this haircut for as long as possible. It was my way of retaining my baby for as long as I could. Plus, I totally had awesome, cool-kid hair plans for him, when the time was right. He was totally gonna rock the hawk. Not anymore.  Once Handsome saw what a complete and utter mistake he had made, he immediately began to apologize and beat himself up. He also assured me, that he would spend the rest of his LIFE making it up to me and being “my slave” (his words, not mine). I think, prolly not, but I will milk it for as long as possible.

So, here we are, the next morning. James came home after court, made a reservation at a fancy salon (all James’ idea, he wanted it to be an “experience”) on Sunset and off we went to get my baby boy’s FIRST HAIRCUT, because you know the “trim” Handsome gave him, doesn’t actually count. Even though I wasn’t at all ready for this, I still can’t help but think it was necessary. My baby is becoming a big boy and we all know I’m not eager to make any leaps when it comes to moving on to big boy things, so, in a way, I’m lucky to have a hubby that is a bit careless with the scissors and takes a “little off the top.” He balances me out perfect and puts into perspective whats really important. My boy may be a little dorkified for the time being, but he’s happy, healthy and perfectly in tact and I couldn’t be more grateful. Plus, I think his hair turned out pretty dashing, all things considered…..

Please enjoy this unreasonable amount of pictures….


he looks just a little traumatized





Happy Tuesday!